TBS Tracer

TBS Tracer

TBS just released Tracer, an alternative RC link to their acclaimed Crossfire system. It is based on a next gen 2.4GHz RF Transceiver chipset that came out about two years ago.
Don’t mix it up with the 2.4 stuff from FrSky that has been out for ages… this is something new! 🙂

What’s so special about TBS Tracer?

Besides smaller antennas the most special thing is the larger bandwidth that comes with 2.4 which allows for very fast update rates like 250Hz even on a full range scale.
If you’re after maximum range though, Crossfire is still the preferred option.

Are there different module sizes like with Crossfire?

Yes, there is a MicroTX shaped module and a smaller one designed for XLite bays. There’s no power or feature differences: both work at up to 100mW output power and are controlled via LUA scripts.

Is there a Tango 2 “Tracer Edition” coming?

No, right now you would have to get yourself the TBS lite bay adapter along with the Tracer lite bay Module to enjoy your Tango 2 in combination with TBS Tracer.

As we use a smaller antenna, doesn’t that mean signal gets blocked easier by the carbon etc.?

Yes, but that’s why the Tracer RX feature diversity! (and using only one antenna works just fine too)

My whole fleet is on Crossfire already, is it worth it to switch to TBS Tracer?

That depends a lot on what you’re after. If you are after the best long range capabilities and versatility then it’s probably best to stay with Crossfire.
But if you’re after the fastest possible link, don’t really fly long range and your wallet is cool with it too, then I’d say go for it and give it a try!
Best case scenario if you own a T2: with the aforementioned adapter you could have the best of both worlds in just one transmitter 🙂

Video review of TBS Tracer

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