TBS Mambo

TBS Mambo leaked

On the latest TBS Lounge stream the rumors about a new sort of remote controller by TBS were kind of confirmed by Trappy when he was reacting to comments about the display image and code lines that appeared on github in the effort to merge the FreedomTX fork back into OpenTX:

We learned on the stream that the Mambo is definitely not going to compete with the Tango 2 and if you were into what the Tango 2 offers, you could buy it without any remorse in regards to the Mambo.
The price point was also declared as “cheap” by Trappy, e.g. there won’t be a battery included so we can probably expect more of a budget radio compared to the T2.

Judging from the first leaks of the Tango 2 and until its actual release we will probably see the Mambo on the market at around April 2022 😀 😀 😀

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