Tango 2 – updating to 4.0.2

Starting with a Tango 2 on firmware 1.21 and Crossfire firmware 3.73
First of all download TBS Agent X 2.0.49
(166MB Download)

newest 4.0 update procedure

SD card content downloads can be found on the bottom of the product page
In my case it was the “Freedom TX 1.2x” download (116MB)

Update SD Card content first!
Open up TBS Agent X. You can just “SKIP” and update without logging in/registering

Plug the Tango 2 and it to your computer, on the T2 screen choose “AGENT MODE (HID)”

You should see this as the next screen

According to the “Update procedure” at the top we can now update the Tango 2 firmware via Agent X

dont forget to enable beta firmware – check the box and click on SAVE

Now click on MANAGE – on the following screen click on FIRMWARE

As of writing this (26.08.2020) there are already newer versions available: choose 1.21

click on UPDATE and on UPDATE again on the bottom of the next screen

Update process / Tango 2 display will show a “download icon”

/!\ Update will stop at the “Restarting device” step. Don’t mind this and go on.

Now it’s time to update the Crossfire MicroTX hardware inside of your Tango 2:

latest Crossfire firmware version is 4.0.2 (don’t mind the screenshot, it’s outdated / 03.09.2020)

on Step 4 the T2 actually restarted itself (female voice) and updating continued automatically

updating subsystems took quite some time, about 2 -3 min and ran two times

completion πŸ™‚ female voice

After restarting manually the T2 messaged me with a “Throttle warning” and an “SD card warning”.
This was due to the fact that I forgot to update the SD card contents first.

plug in USB and choose –> USB Storage (SD)

a few moments later πŸ™‚

When the copy process finished, copy over the remaining five files that you backup’d before

The “Throttle Warning” and “SD warning” messages are gone now. Your T2 is now up to date πŸ™‚
Note: if your sticks show no input, do a calibration again: long press MENU, then PAGE until you’re on page 5 of 6 and the menu shows “Sticks [Calibration]”

if necessary: how to enter Bootloader mode

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