95X Naked Whoop – best RTF setup!

I’ve wanted to add a sub 3″ cinewhoop to my fleet since months, but just wasn’t motivated enough to build a custom (pusher) whoop like the Umma85 plus fiddling around on the naked GoPro circuit boards.
Things are different now though! 😀 With the BetaFPV 95X v2 we can get a RTF pusher whoop that even comes with all the needed parts to strip down your GoPro HERO6: nice injection molded case and a litte PCB that makes everything just plug and play, no soldering needed!

BetaFPV 95X v2 – plug and play cinewhoop

First steps before stripping down the HERO6

  • make sure to set the WiFi option to ON and 2.4G (5.8G would interfere with your video link)
  • pair your HERO6 with the GoPro app on your smartphone
  • remove glass lens (press and twist it off)
  • remove battery
  • PH000 Phillips head screwdriver and a Torx T3 screwdriver (I’ve used this screwdriver set)

The hardest part…

…is actually removing the damn front part 😀 Grab a prop and start to pry above the USB port:

image (C) Rimzler on youtube

Take your time, it took me about 30-40 minutes. The front sits quite tight and is secured by some glue.
There is a little cable in the lower left corner (front display). Be careful, but damaging it wouldn’t be dramatic, we won’t need it for the BetaFPV case v2. Apart from that, there’s nothing else that could be damaged.
Definitely use a hair dryer and heat up the front, it will help to slide the prop under it!

Now unscrew the six Torx T3 screws. Open the battery and USB port bays and carefully lift up the top board from the display side: you’ll now have to unplug three flat cables and one power cable.

Turn the lensboard around and unscrew everything (including USB port) to detach it from the frontscreen. You’ll have to remove a glued cable off of the USB port plastic, unplug two connectors.

image (C) Rimzler on youtube

The leftovers and the end result 🙂 The black tape was just some adhesive tape and easy to remove, the orange cable was just glued to the plastic USB port on one side.

You can now begin to put the case and GoPro motherboard together.

How to assemble the BetaFPV Case V2

  • Step 1: Assemble the BEC board on the GoPro motherboard.
  • Step 2: Hold the camera lens and the camera board at the same time, be careful when you assemble the board on the case.
  • Step 3, 4: Screw the GoPro motherboard with the M1.4*5 and M1.4*8screws as shown below
  • Step 5: Install the light pipe as shown below.
  • Step 6: Install the back case, and screw the board with M1.4*8 screws as shown below.
image (C) betafpv.com

Congratulations! You’ve successfully stripped down from around 116g to a 26g GoPro HERO6 🙂

The 95X v2 comes with a matching power cable. Don’t forget to stop your recordings before unplugging the lipo!

Permanent green or red LED problem

If your GoPro is not responding and shows a solid red or green LED, just cut or remove the yellow cable. The cable is intended to start the recording remotely but it is unfortunately not working reliably (you also may disable the LED feature in BetaFlight)

To properly stabilize the footage you’re going to need Reelsteady GO. Save 5$ with coupon “CHRISGO5

Check my other blog post for the best HERO6 settings (scroll down)

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