ImmersionRC ghost and Orqa FPV.Connect

Already about four years in the making yet not much is known about ImRC’s new long range module called “ghost”. All we got so far are some outdated shots of a prototype being tested in 2017 (433MHz version back then) and that it’s a 2.4GHz transmitter now going to support multiple RX like Crossfire does.
Rumor has it that the module might be designed only for the FrSky X-Lite but we can’t really believe that.

FinalGlideAUS testing an early 433MHz prototype in 2017

A customer picture of the just released FPV.Connect wifi module by Orqa (intended to enhance connectivity between your mobile phone and goggles) was surprisingly featuring a ghost sticker, hinting at some kind of connection between the soon to be released long range module and FPV.One (pic cred: Wurstgewitter):

FPV.Connect wifi module

FPV.Connect module installed in the secondary bay of an Orqa FPV.One goggle (photo cred: vezdecfpv)

Another recent sneak peak of the ghost module – ImmersionRC shared a similar photo when teasing the RapidFire module to hide its final color, but it seems like we can expect a red or white plastic shell:

What can we expect from FPV.connect in combination with IRC ghost?
Our guess is to see something like OSD integration and/or updating the module via your cell phone.

What are your thoughts? Can 2.4GHz compete with 868MHz at all? Tell us in the comments šŸ™‚

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