GoPro HERO9 – improved for FPV?

The newest HERO model is on its way and loads of pictures have been leaked in the last few days.

The best thing first: the removable glass lens is apparently making a comeback! I’ve overlayed a red HERO8 silhouette and it clearly shows a little gap and a more protroduing lens part!
(dimensions might be off a little as it’s not an official product photo, aligned on the “BLACK” lettering)
I expect the general dimensions to be the same as the HERO8 to ensure that the accessories are still going to work with the HERO9.

This means we can not only easily change a broken glass by ourselves but also use 3D printed adapters again to mount the cheaper TBS glass ND filters instead of buying the expensive magnetic PolarPro ones. We can also see that they dropped a mic hole on the side which gives hope to a more “muffled” sound like on the HERO5 Session instead of the more high-pitched drone audio that the HERO7 or 8 delivers.

HyperSmooth 3.0

HyperSmooth 2.0 already did a fantastic job at stabilizing footage in camera and it seems as GoPro improved it again… or could this hint at some sort of a in-camera ReelSteady implementation? As you might know, GoPro hired the guys behind the stabilization software called ReelSteady GO in the beginning of 2020, which is a heavily used tool amongst the FPV scene, especially for commercial FPV shootings.

New front display: another upside for FPV?

A nice feature to frame for selfies or vlogging is the new front-facing color display. This could be another upside for us FPV guys that like to fly with ND filters: often the camera sits in a TPU mount which covers the back screen or the battery is blocking the view to check if the image is properly exposed… now we could put on the ND filter and easily check for the correct exposure on the front!

Price point

Another leaked picture from the GoPro website shows a S$680 (Singapore Dollar) price tag which would be about 419 USD. I’d guess we can expect just the camera to be priced at $399 like the HERO8 a year before.

Current HERO8 beta firmware features that may come as standard with the HERO9

  • QR codes to control the camera (e.g. change shooting mode)
  • add your personal information (e.g. in case of a lost camera)
  • increased file size limitations (4GB to 12GB)

ReelSteady Flash Sale – pure coincidence?

Just 24 hours after writing this blog post, ReelSteady started a Sale on their software ReelSteady GO. As far as I know this is the first time ever that you could buy RS GO at a discounted price: pure coincidence or is this actually another hint at the upcoming integration of ReelSteady into GoPro’s?
PS: save 5$ when using code “CHRISGO5

Change history

  • 01.09.2020 – initial post
  • 02.09.2020 – added ReelSteady Sale paragraph

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