FPV freestyle setup 2020

On a lot of my freestyle clips that I share on Facebook, people ask me about my setup.
To make my life easier ( ’cause soon I can just share this post 😀 ) I’ve decided to do a little roundup!

// frame
Armattan Badger – replaceable arms with a titanium cam cage and lifetime warranty

// elecronics stack
Diatone Mamba F772S – really like being able to tune the quad via the SpeedBee iPhone app thanks to the Bluetooth chip that sits on the FC. As you can see I sacrificed an easy accessible USB for an XT60 on the side, which is my preferred way to connect to the lipo cable

// motors and props
T-Motor F40 Pro IV 2400kV + HQprop V2S
Yup, I’m still on 4S mostly 🙂 just prefer the less jumpy Yaw compared to 6S. If you prefer to have less voltage sag by going 6S you should check out the Pro IV 1950kV version. With 6S and 1950kV I’d suggest going lower on the prop pitch to have a similar smooth feel ( -> HQprop S3 / S4 or S5 )

// video link and cam
TBS Unify Pro HV with TBS Triumph SMA (alternatively the UFL version on bando builds)
Current camera I’m using is the Ratel mini from Caddx FPV

// rc link and remote
TBS Crossfire nano RX (placed on the Unify w/ double sided tape) and the Tango 2 Pro

// battery
Tattu R-Line 1800mAh 4S – always use two lipo straps and check out the Ummagrip battery pads!

// goggles and module
FatShark HDO2 with TBS Fusion module and the VAS Antenna pack

// firmware, PID tune and rates
All my quads are set up with Betaflight, almost all are already running version 4.2 which was a huge milestone. The acclaimed RPM filtering (introduced in 4.1) as well as the tried and trusted Dynamic Notch filter (a feature already since 3.1) were again improved.
I’m currently trying to get a nice “copy” of my manual tune that can easily be replicated by you just with moving the sliders and some of the Betaflight OSD features:

For my GoPro camera and Premiere Pro export settings check the seperate article HERE

If you have any further questions or feedback on how I could improve this post, don’t hesitate to contact me! 🙂 Latest clip with the tune in action on my YT channel ➡ www.youtube.com/chrswnd

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